Upscale casual.  No beach clothing, shorts, sandals, tank tops, sporting/athletic attire or baseball hats. Management reserves the right to make all final dress code decisions and can refuse entry for any reason.

Any guest arriving in an intoxicated state will be refused entry. Management reserves the right to make all final decisions regarding guest intoxication and can refuse service to anyone for any reason.

There is a paid parking lot next to Xen Lounge and one across the street that is free. If you find a spot on the street at a parking meter be sure to read the signs before heading into the lounge.

Age limit 21+

We sell tickets at the door for our events. Our lounge opens for ticket sales when doors open for the event. Ticket prices vary by event.

A valid Government Issued ID is required for admittance to all events.  Accepted Forms of Identification are limited to the following: State Issued Driver’s License or ID Card, (note that out of state IDs may not be accepted if their validity cannot be verified), Government Issued Military ID, Government Issued Passport.  Please note that copies of any of the above will not be accepted, and temporary driver’s licenses will not be accepted.